As any C-level executive will tell you, remaining competitive is not just a vision but a necessity in the modern global economy.  The colloquial term "too big to fail" was popularised by U.S. Congressman Stewart McKinney in 1984. 

Just recently, we have been hearing of the collapse of Carillion, a leading integrated support services business employing around 43,000 people operating in the UK, Canada and the Middle East. Carillion generated annual revenues of more than £5bn.

As energy costs typically represent a large and ongoing operating cost, energy is a key battleground.

In recent times, energy competitiveness has centered around getting the best deal with your energy supplier, reducing energy consumption and maybe investing in onsite power generation.  Whilst these strategies remain important, energy storage or batteries offer something different.

Benefits of energy storage

Standby power. Traditionally, businesses who needed standby power to protect their operation from loss of power would invest in onsite generation such as a diesel generator.  Businesses that felt it was not critical to protect supply, tended to chance their arm in the hope that they would not be hit by an unexpected power cut.  No matter which category you fit into, energy storage is now a compelling investment.  Batteries can not only protect your operation from expensive and disruptive power cuts but also create value e.g. peak shaving, rather than idly depreciating (see our blog ‘Counting the cost of a power outage').

Peak Charge avoidance.  Businesses are subject to using the grid and at what time they demand power.  Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges and Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges can be extremely expensive.  Energy storage is an effective technology that can negate much of these charges.  For example, charging your battery during cheap power times and then discharging during peak power times, known as peak shaving, is a straightforward way to flexibly manage your energy demand and profile.  By reducing your demand at peak times you will reduce your TNUoS and DUoS charges.

Demand Side Response. DSR used to require operations to turn down power usage at peak demand times. Energy storage now offers the ability to take part in these revenues generating opportunities without impacting your businesses operation, as you can now use your battery stored power to reduce your grid energy demand.

Boosting renewable returns.  If you do have onsite power generation, such as solar or wind, you can employ a peak shaving strategy to increase the value of your generation.  As your renewable power is generated in certain conditions (daylight or windy) you will find that this is unlikely to match your load profile.  So as an example, power generated at night through your wind turbine(s) can be stored in your battery and discharged the next day during peak power times, thus decreasing your demand from the grid when power is expensive.  Peak shaving, therefore, has two benefits: reducing peak grid reliance and increasing the value of your own power.

Reduce carbon emissions. Energy storage can help meet carbon and sustainability aims.  Firstly, energy storage will accelerate the deployment of renewable energy as it solves the old problem of the wind blowing at the wrong time.  This matters on a macro and micro level i.e. macro (businesses can import and store power at night from utility-scale renewable generation such as wind farms) and micro (batteries offer better returns for businesses with onsite renewables and will incentivise other businesses to invest in renewables due to an attractive set of revenue-generating services).  Secondly, batteries used as standby power emit no emissions unlike traditional diesel generators – which also means your battery can be stored anywhere at your site as there are no air quality issues to consider.

So, if you want to win the energy battleground and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, let Rock Clean Energy help you.  What’s more, we could also provide you with a free battery with our Battery Energy Storage as a Service facility – we organise the funding and then maintain your battery, so you don’t have to.  

Contact us today for an informal chat. We can then arrange to carry out a feasibility study to outline all of the benefits energy storage can offer you, whether you are a one-site or multi-site business.

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