At Rock Clean Energy, we supply and install top of the range energy-saving battery systems, such as the Tesla Powerpack, to offer our customers a better alternative to standby power.  


Our primary role is to help large energy users understand the benefits battery storage can bring, both in preventing the risk of power outages and in the reduction of energy costs. A key driver of this message is Rock Clean Energy's new Business Development Manager, Paul Meaden: 


Paul, please explain your role within the Rock Clean Energy team? 

The main purpose of my role is to drive the business forward and develop new customer relationships, ensuring they understand the true benefits battery storage can bring for their organisation. 


Part of this work is the implementation of a clear process for sales and marketing, ensuring we effectively communicate our offering to potential customers, whilst working with them to secure funding for the purchase of the battery storage system if required.  


What were you doing before joining the Rock Clean Energy team? 

I work in a Business Consultancy capacity and have done so since 2014, following the sale of my own Business, which I ran for fourteen years. I consult on a range of different areas, but mainly in helping businesses to restructure and operate more effectively. This can range from developing an effective sales team and overarching business operation to supporting mergers and acquisitions. 


As a result of this experience, I am able to support the development of Rock Clean Energy in a non-technical way, driving the business forwards by establishing new relationships and helping large energy users understand the real benefits of battery storage without the industry jargon.  


Summarise in one sentence what battery storage is and how it works? 

In short, Battery energy Storage is simply a battery system, such as a Tesla Powerpack, that connects to the distribution network to release power to your premises.  


How do you think businesses can benefit from Battery Storage? 

Battery energy storage provides a reliable energy supply, which constantly works to help reduce your energy costs. 


By installing a battery energy storage system, power outages or downtime will become a thing of the past, where users will also be able to protect against volatile energy prices whilst generating income from the energy stored and released back to the grid for other users.  


What sort of businesses do you think could benefit from Battery Storage? 

The businesses that would benefit most from Battery Storage are large energy users, businesses which suffer regularly from power outages or businesses which supply cannot afford to experience a power outage.   


As the system helps to reduce energy costs, supplies a consistent and reliable stream of power and helps generate income from energy not used and released back to the grid for other users, Battery Storage offers a multitude of benefits for large corporations.  


For a Food Manufacturer, for example, battery storage guarantees a consistent flow of power and energy, safe in the knowledge the production will not be affected by a power outage and resulting downtime, which can be extremely costly with knock-on effects to the supply chain and end customer. 


Tell us about your typical day at Rock Clean Energy? 

My days at Rock Clean Energy are extremely varied, but, in most, I dedicate my time to team development, establishing relationships with new customers and generating new sales avenues. 


The purpose of my role is to ensure the company is not reliant on one particular person to aid growth, where we maximise everyone’s different skillsets to deliver an excellent service to our customers at all times. 


What do you like most about your role and working with Rock Clean Energy? 

I thoroughly enjoy the variation and making a difference through business growth and development.

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